Sheer Tractoring Pleasure

The Kubota Grand X had a perception problem amongst serious farmers. The tractor was thought of as a toy and not as capable as some of its competitors. However, the NEW Grand X had been given extra power and was designed for comfort. With a larger cabin space to make long days out in the field

Sword Swallower

A story of how Strepsils throat lozenges saved the show. Agency: DDB London.Role: Creative concept  / Art Director

Life is gift. Take care of it.

Every year at tax time many Australians are faced with rising health service costs, leaving people questioning if they’d be better off on the public system. Others who are looking for private cover have the impossible task of choosing from over 40,000 products claiming to be great value at a low price. When in reality

Keep the planet colourful

This commercial uses existing stock footage from Getty Images, one of the largest sources of still and video imagery. The spot was created for a competition run by Getty to demonstrate how their image library could be used creatively for client projects. I chose to show how a selection of their videos could be used

Look before you cook

Injuries caused by gas bottle barbecues were rising. The Australian public needed to be informed how a simple safety check could avoid serious injury or even worse, death. The spot, created for Energy Safe Victoria, highlights the potentially explosive danger if the check isn’t made. Other issues to consider were the State of Victoria had

Avoid getting lost

A fun and friendly illustrated campaign featuring a cartoon car that communicates all sorts of customer promotions and benefits for Hertz car rentals. This TVC, and Qantas onboard magazine ad, promotes their satellite navigation offering. Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne.Role: Creative concept / Art Director.