Nike – Lance

Back in 2005BD (before drugs scandal) this print ad and poster was designed for Nike to celebrate Lance Armstrong’s dominance of the Tour de France. The ad went on to win many advertising accolades and was featured in The Advertising Concept Book.   Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne. Role: Creative concept / Art Director.

Put your old printer to better use

Put your old printer to better use. Trade it in. A print and POS campaign to promote the Hewlett Packard trade-in scheme. At the time of launch the work was acknowledged by as best print campaign.   Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne. Role: Creative concept / Art Director.

Don’t let them go hungry

A campaign to highlight Bayer’s EverGol Xtend product which protects pasture crops from fungal diseases and loss of livestock food. The campaign was extremely well received within the farming category, gaining free online advertising placements on key agricultural sites and being acknowledged by the advertising industry as best print campaign by   Agency: Redhanded. Role: Creative concept /

The Murray River. Wind down

A print campaign showcasing the relaxing nature of the Murray River region was launched with an 8 page gate folded newspaper insert. The insert folded out to a scaled illustrated map that featured key places of interest as you wind down the river with your finger.   Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne. Role: Creative concept /

Metlink – Jazz Festival

A print ad for Metlink Public Transport that promotes the train as the best way to the Jazz Festival in Melbourne city.   Agency: Marmalade. Role: Creative concept / Art Director. 

The Rice Project

Soil in Fukushima Japan became contaminated with radiation following the 2011 earthquake, resulting in rice farming not being possible there for at least another 40 years. The Rice Project aims to help Japanese farmers grow rice with the help of Kubota Tractors Australia and farmers with land to lease. The print ad calls on farmers in rural Queensland to help