Nike – Panna KO

The Panna KO event involved a series of one-on-one soccer battles inside a cage. The name of the game was to humiliate or ‘panna’ your opponent by kicking the ball through his/her legs. A player registration microsite was built and street posters and stickers were placed in spots to build hype amongst the youth target market. Soccer clubs were approached and popular players were issued a CD invitation to enter the competition held at the Fox Studios in Sydney, and in Auckland New Zealand. The event was a huge success. Player spots were quickly filled and the venues were packed with supporters, allowing Nike to showcase new product and build further brand equity.


A DVD invitation containing footage of street football, a soccer movement created on the Favela streets in Rio Brazil which spread throughout Europe quickly. This was handed to key players. The DVD contained a code that gave these players instant access to the event. This was handed to them at club and school matches after the final whistle had sounded. A cool move that created intrigue amongst other players around them and a desire to be envolved in something special.


Agency: Publicis Mojo Melbourne.
Role: Creative concept / Art Director.